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Troglotech T710 One-Inch Camera

Small cameras usually require a compromise in picture quality – but not with our T710 one-inch camera.

We use a patented design to provide exceptional lighting and perfect picture quality. We use our own camera module to truly reflect the scene being viewed.

Waterproof to IP68, the T710 camera can be...

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Troglotech T800 Auto-Uprighting Camera

A camera on a push-rod system has a hard life, even when protected by a skid set. It is inevitable that the camera is going to be bouncing off displaced-joints and coming across solid debris.

At Troglotech we have been designing cameras for over thirty years and we know how to...

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Nano Easy

  • range of application in pipes from DN 70 up to DN 100/3” – 4” (inside diameter)
  • excellent flexibility in bends up to 90° in DN 70/3”
  • pneumatic clamping unit permits usage also in vertical pipes
  • only smallest access openings required
  • convenient supply hose package of 15 m/49 ft or...
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Gully Grab

The hinged bowl Gully Grab is easy to use – simply push down the handle to open the Grabs, insert into the gully, pull handle up to close the Grab, and take out of the gully to empty. The Gully Grabs are ideal for removing mud, silt, leaves, stones and solid objects.

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T804 Camera System

Features and benefits

Fast set-up. Flip up display, turn on and use.
Light weight, base system only 17kg
Flexible configuration. Can be reconfigured in seconds for flat or upright operation.
CAD optimised design for minimum weight and maximum ruggedness.
Low voltage or Power-Cell operation...

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