Troglotech T812 Pan & Tilt Camera

Troglotech T812 Pan & Tilt Camera

Surveying pipelines with a standard pan and tilt camera can be confusing – when tilting, the picture rotates with the camera head – turning the world upside-down! Not with Troglotechs T812 though – with our Human Perspective View the picture always stays the right way up – just like a human would view a pipeline if small enough to fit in the pipe. This feature makes surveys more intuitive and understandable to the end customer.

As with all our cameras, the T812 is machined from highgrade stainless steel and the rotating parts are sealed with fibre dirt seals, quad-rings and o-rings to ensure a long service life. The camera is fitted with a sacrificial buffer to survive the knocks that are inevitable in our profession, the windows for the lens and custom LED s are sapphire. At a maximum diameter of 60mm, the T812 can survey 4 (100mm) pipes to 6 (150mm) when fitted to our standard brush skid set. We can supply an adjustable skid for use in 6 (150mm) to 12 (300mm) pipes.

The custom LED lighting can illuminate up to ~36 (~1000mm) dependant on material. The picture, as expected with Troglotech products, is sharp and faithfully captures the true scene colours. We don t use off the shelf camera modules – we design our own for specific use in pipeline cameras – it s a harsh environment and we design for it.

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