Drain Cleaning

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Hand Tools
For ¾” (20 mm) to 1½” (40 mm) Drain Lines The professional’s choice for many years, the Model K-25 Hand Spinner offers premium quality. It’s the ideal tool for the user who demands the best. Features include: • Premium-quality Read More
• Light-duty product for drains up to 11⁄2″ (40 mm). • Comfortable hand grip eases effort. • Equipped with 1⁄4″ x 25″ (6,3 mm x 7,6 m) Maxcore cable with straight auger. • Two-way AUTOFEED® keeps hands and work area clean Read More
• Clears up to 11⁄2″ (40 mm) lines. • Pull trigger and turn handle, or add any variable speed (left / right) chuck drill machine for extra power. • Cable self-feeds down drain. • No mess. Hands don’t touch cable. • Equipped Read More
One-Piece Flat Sewer Tape • Sizes and lengths for use on sewer and drain lines through 8″ (200 mm) in diameter and up to 100′ (30,4 m) in length. • Carrier included with all except 25′ (7,6 m) model. • All models have a hand gri Read More
Model K-5 Grappler Hook • Retrieves rocks, tools, objects. • Extends your reach 6′ (2 m) for even the deepest traps.    
High quality tools in 3′ (1 m) and 6′ (2 m) and lengths provide fast and safe clearing of toilet obstructions. Features include: • Vinyl guard to protect porcelain. • New durable, kink-resistant, 1⁄2″ (12,7 mm) compression-wr Read More
Sink Machines
The Model K-40 Sink Machine is ideal for cleaning small secondary drain lines from 3⁄4″ (20 mm) to 21⁄2″ (75 mm). • 1⁄4″ (6 mm) cables best for ¾” (20 mm) to 1½” (40 mm) lines. • 5⁄16″ (8 mm) cables best for ¾” Read More
For 3⁄4″ (20 mm) to 21⁄2″ (75 mm) Drain Lines • Excellent for small line cleaning. Opens clogged lavatory, sink lines, urinals, and tub/shower drains. – 1⁄4″ (6 mm) cables best for ¾” (20 mm) to 1½” (40 mm) lines. – Read More
Drum Machines
For 3″ (75 mm) to 10″ (250 mm) Lines • The performance, cable control, durability, and maneuverability demanded by professional users. Ideal for any tough job, such as roots – up to 250′ (76 m). – Recommend 5⁄8″ (16 mm) cabl Read More
For 3″ (75 mm) to 8″ (200 mm) Drain/Sewer Lines • Powerful, self-contained machine ideal for lateral lines. Easy to transport, minimal set-up – attach a tool and go. • Autofeed advances, retrieves cable with a push of a lever, up Read More
For 3⁄4″ (20 mm) to 4″ (110 mm) Drain Lines • A powerful, easy to transport, versatile machine for cleaning indoor drains. Requirescminimal setup to clean sink lines, floor drains and roof vents. • Rugged, corrosion-resistant mold Read More
For 11⁄2″ (30 mm) to 4″ (110 mm) Drain Lines The Model K-400 offers several unique, user-friendly features to make the toughest drain cleaning jobs easier and hassle-free. Designed with a sleek profile, the Model K-400 is a great fit Read More
Sectional Machines
For 2″ (50 mm) to 10″ (250 mm) Drain/Sewer Lines • A gasoline engine makes the Model K-1500G well-suited for cleaning lines in remote locations where electrical power is unavailable. Cuts through roots fast. • Unique, easy-to-use, Read More
For 2″ (50 mm) to 10″ (250 mm) Drain and Sewer Lines • The finest all-around sewer and drain cleaning machine. One man can easily clean the heaviest blockages – indoors or out. High-speed cleaning gets the job done faster…better Read More
For 11⁄4″ (32 mm) to 6″ (150 mm) Drain Lines • A compact machine for institutional, commercial or residential cleaning. Also ideal for septic tank vacuum truck operators. Small enough to fit into cramped spaces, yet powerful enough Read More
For 3⁄4″ (20 mm) to 4″ (110 mm) Drain Lines • Compact, versatile, professional’s machine. Capable of running three different size cables: 5⁄16″ (8 mm), 3⁄8″ (10 mm) and 5⁄8″ (16 mm). The perfect, all-around sink, show Read More
Rodder Machines
For 8″ (200 mm) to 24″ (600 mm) Drain/Sewer Lines • A rugged, compact machine well-suited for straight main line work in municipalities, universities, institutions and industry. Drives sectional sewer rods through long, straight runs Read More
Water Jetters
For 2″ (50 mm) to 10″ (250 mm) Drain Lines The RIDGID® Model KJ-3100 portable water jetter gives you 3000 psi (205 bar) actual working pressure to handle large commercial and industrial applications. This jetter propels a highly flex Read More
For 11⁄4″ (32 mm) to 6″ (150 mm) Drain Lines This jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 11⁄4″ (32 mm) to 6″ (150 mm) lines – blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As you pull the hose back, it power scru Read More
For 11⁄4″ (32 mm) to 6″ (150 mm) Drain Lines RIDGID® Water Jetting Machines are constructed for cleaning a drain. The highly flexible, lightweight hose blasts through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As you pull the hose back, it Read More
Mini Miller 17m of 8mm shaft with thick outer casing. Suitable for drain cleaning DN50 to DN100 pipes. Use with DN50 & DN70 Smart Cutters & Twisters or expand your business further and team with the Mini Pump for the Picote Brush C Read More
The Super Midi Miller The new Super Midi Miller offers supersized capabilities compared to its predecessor, the Midi Miller. The addition of the Super Midi brings more versatility to the Picote Miller product family. Ideal for use Read More
The Maxi Miller is a durable machine. Suitable for drain cleaning, root clearing, lateral re-instatements, collapsed liner removal and more, the Picote Maxi Miller is a powerful multi-functional and very durable machine with a 30m/100ft ran Read More