Troglotech T800 Auto-Uprighting Camera

Troglotech T800 Auto-Uprighting Camera

A camera on a push-rod system has a hard life, even when protected by a skid set. It is inevitable that the camera is going to be bouncing off displaced-joints and coming across solid debris.

At Troglotech we have been designing cameras for over thirty years and we know how to build a reliable camera that is going to provide the robustness needed in our profession. We also know how to produce a camera with the sharpest, noise-free picture that faithfully reproduces the scene.

There are thousands of Troglotech T800 cameras in use every day throughout the world, in the harshest environments. This is the standard camera fitted to our Trogloprobe push-rod system, it is also employed as a replacement camera on other systems. As with all our cameras, the T800 is machined from highgrade stainless steel and the rotating parts are mounted on precision bearings to ensure a long service life. The internal mechanism is isolated from the outer body with the use of Nitrile shock-absorbers. The camera is fitted with a heavyduty 300-grade stainless steel guard to survive the knocks that are inevitable, the window for the lens is 5mm-thick sapphire. At a maximum diameter of 48mm, the T800 can survey 3 (75mm) pipes to 6 (150mm) when fitted to our standard brush skid set. We can supply an adjustable skid for use in 6 (150mm) to 12 (300mm) pipes. The custom LED lighting can illuminate up to ~36 (~1000mm) dependant on material.

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