Turbo III Flexible Chain Cutter

Turbo III Flexible Chain Cutter

This innovative, highly reliable and efficient product offers superior drive and thrust. The chain retainer is driven by a high performance turbine thus achieving unsurpassed results in the removal of roots, grease and mineral deposits from 10″ – 20″ pipelines. An extension kit paired with a chain retainer wheel allows the cutter to expand up to 29″


• Continuously adjustable skid from 10″-29″ and can be adjusted in 1/16″ increments if necessary

• Different cutting attachments for different applications makes the Turbo III Flexible versatile

• Can be used in difficult pipe that has drop joints and offsets etc…

• Low maintenance (lubrication is not necessary)

• Easy and fast changeable chain retainers

• Capable of being used with recycled water

• Reduced water consumption

• Reduced operating costs



For removing extensive root growth and total blockages. Also, for removing obstructions such as calcium, grease, scale and crust.

Technical Specs:

• Optimized Hydro Mechanics™

• Replaceable threaded ceramic nozzle inserts

• Aluminum body construction

• Stainless steel skid construction

• Double sealed stainless steel bearings

• Min. 50gpm @ 3/4″ – Max. 120gpm @ 1 1/4″

Category: Chain Cutters

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