Rocker Nozzle

Rocker Nozzle

The newly designed and engineered “Rocker Nozzle” from USB Duesen GmbH is a vibrating sewer cleaning nozzle. Similar in looks to the Rotor nozzle the “Rocker” is able to remove the toughest deposits from the bottom of 4″-24″ pipelines. The offset rotation of the rotor causes aggressive vibration which breaks up the deposits. ATTENTION: The “Rocker Nozzle” is intended for use in plastic (HDPE, PVC etc..) and cast iron pipes only. Never use it in clay and concrete pipes!!!

• Removal of solid material on the bottom without damaging the pipe
• Can be used in confined pipe areas where chain cutters can’t fit
• Low maintenance, no lubrication required
• Doesn’t require bushings or bearings

Landfills and also removal of concrete and deposits such as calcium

Technical Specs:
• Replaceable threaded ceramic and stainless steel inserts
• Stainless steel body and non corrosive brass
• Rear jet incidence is 22°
• 1″-1 1/4″ hose connection
• Min. 50gpm @ 3/4″
• Max. 120gpm @ 1 1/4″

Category: Sprayers

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