Pipe Sealing Bags

Pipe Sealing Bags

  • wide product range
  • only 3 sizes from 100 – 1,000 mm
  • very flexible due to the material
  • easy handling, because lightweight and short

The classics.

Vetter Pipe Sealing bags are the optimum solution when quick and reliable sealing of drainage is required. A big advantage of the sealing bags are their freely selectable contact pressure(on the pipe wall): from 0.5 bar to 2.5 bar/7.25 psi to 36.25 psi. The areas of operation are, among others:

  • sealing off sewer pipelines during repair or maintenance work
  • avoiding sewage backflow at the source location during pipe bursts, flooding, sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, repair and maintenance work

Due to the numerous application possibilities, sealing bags are used in different branches of industry, such as road construction and civil engineering companies, sewer constructors, water authorities andindustry.

Vetter Pipe Sealing bags can be used for the sealing test according to DIN EN 1610.

Technical data

  • RDK 2.5 bar – Test counter- pressure 10 m WC (14.5 psi)
  • RDK 1.5 bar – Test counter- pressure 5 m WC (7.25 psi)
  • RDK 0.5 bar – Test counter- pressure 2 m WC (2.9 psi)

Owing to an increase in demand, all pipe and test sealing bags will be fitted with brass couplings as a standard from 01.01.2012 onwards. If you still wish to have the safety couplings (blue at 1.5 bar, black at 2.5 bar), we kindly ask you to state this explicitly when placing an order.

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