K-1000 Rodder Machine

K-1000 Rodder Machine

For 8″ (200 mm) to 24″ (600 mm) Drain/Sewer Lines

• A rugged, compact machine well-suited for straight main line work in municipalities, universities, institutions and industry. Drives sectional sewer rods through long, straight runs of larger diameter pipe – up to 500 feet (150 m).
• Equipped with a 6 HP gasoline engine and forward/reverse transmission. Rod rotates at 133 RPM in forward and reverse at full throttle.
• Spring-loaded throttle control is hand operated. Varies rod speed within range. Returns engine speed to idle and disengages clutch when operator releases throttle.
• Adjustable torque limiter minimizes kinking of rods and excessive torque through transmission system.
• Large 10″ (250 mm) wheels on frame for optimal transport.

Rods, Rodding Tools, and Accessories
• RIDGID® K-10 quick-connect couplings make rodding jobs easier than ordinary threaded couplings:

– To connect rods, align and snap them together for a solid connection.
– To disconnect, insert the pin key and slide the couplings

• One coupling pin key replaces assembly tool and wrench required to connect ordinary threaded couplings. Easy-to-add rods or tools. No bulky reels.
• Convert existing tools and rods to the RIDGID quick-connect system:

– One pair of R1 and R2 couplings substitute for one threaded coupling.
– Standard left-hand and-right hand rod nuts fasten R1 and R2 couplings to existing rods.
– R-8 couplings adapt each rod tool to quick-connect system.
– A-2704 adapts rod couplings to larger-size tool couplings.

• RIDGID rods meet ASTM-270 specifications.

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