HP Pipe Sealing Bags

HP Pipe Sealing Bags

  • multi- layer and stable bag design
  • up to 3 bar (43.5 psi) counterpressure
  • high operating pressure of 6 bar (87 psi)
  • extreme expansion despite high pressure

Withstand even high pipe internal pressures.
The 6.0 bar (87 psi) High Pressure Sealing Bags round off the product range for the pipe sealing bags and the test sealing bags belonging to the 1.5 bar and 2.5 bar (21.75 and 36.25 psi) series which have been successful for many years.
These bags, which can withstand a maximum counter- pressure of 30 m (96 ft.) water column and used everywhere where there is a high pipe internal pressure (e.g. in the area of sanitation or for the inspection of pipelines).
The multi- layer bag design with textile ply enables the application of a high operating over- pressure of 6.0 bar (87 psi) on the one hand and on the other hand helps to avoid longitudinal expansion due to its structure.

Technical data

  • Standard test counter- pressure of 30 m WC (43.5 psi).

Owing to an increase in demand, all pipe and test sealing bags will be fitted with brass couplings as a standard from 01.01.2012 onwards. If you still wish to have the safety couplings (blue at 1.5 bar, black at 2.5 bar), we kindly ask you to state this explicitly when placing an order.

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