Egg Profile Test & Bypass Bags

Egg Profile Test & Bypass Bags

  • Foldable bag
  • Up to 0.5 bar (7.25 psi) counter pressure
  • Very lightweight and practical
  • Extremely flexible

For the reliable testing of egg profiles.
The egg profiles are not only used as sealing bags but also as test bags and bypass bags. In addition to the inflation connection, the bags are equipped with either one or two C- connectors (2″).
Additionally, the sealing function is, among other things, suitable for:

  • damming or banking
  • producing a pump well
  • for sealing inspection of newly laid pipelines or reconstructed sewer pipelines according to EN 1610
  • for rerouting sewerage when there are leaky pipelines

Owing to their flexibility, the egg profile bag can be positioned through the shaft in the sewerage pipeline.
As opposed to the 1.0 bar (14.5 psi) version, the 1.5 bar (21.75 psi) egg profiled test sealing bag covers two pipe dimensions. The compact design and userfriendly application are just two of it features. Test sealing bags can also be used as bypass bags.

Another advantage is the work saving characteristic due to the fact that assembly in the shaft is not necessary as opposed to other
customary blocking devices. The smooth surface ensures constant quality in the field of sewer reconstruction.

Technical data

  • Standard test counter- pressure of 5 m WC (7.25 psi).
Category: Pipe & Test sealing bags

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