K-25 Hand Spinner

For ¾” (20 mm) to 1½” (40 mm) Drain Lines
The professional’s choice for many years, the Model K-25 Hand Spinner offers premium quality.
It’s the ideal tool for the user who demands the best. Features include:
• Premium-quality, precision machined, 3-jaw chuck to firmly secure cable. Releases cable
with the flick-of-the-wrist.
• Cast aluminum ribbed hand grip that won’t slip in your hand.
• Rotary molded plastic drum that won’t dent or rust – cleans easily.
• Available in bulb head and drop head models. 5⁄16″ (8 mm) x 25′ (7,6 m) vinyl-wrapped inner
core, kink-resistant cables.
• Well balanced for comfortable operation.
• Drum Capacity: 5⁄16″ (8 mm) x 25′ (7,6 m).
• Works through traps and bends in sinks, tubs, drinking fountains, lavatories, urinals, vent

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