High Pressure Rinsing Superstructure

Areas of application
■ Pipe cleaning, hydrodynamic
■ Sewer cleaning, hydrodynamic
■ Surface cleaning
■ Cleaning inside of tanks
■ Industrial cleaning
■ Water milling

Water tank
■ Size: on customer request up to 20000 litre
■ Form: cylindrical, oval, square
■ Material: Steel, stainless steel, plastic with manhole
■ Water filling facilities
■ Contents level display via inspection glass
■ Residue emptying etc.

High pressure pump
■ High pressure pump, make according to customer demand (URACA, Hammelmann, Speck, Woma, KAMAT, Pratissoli etc.)
■ Quantity: 1 or 2 pieces
■ Rinse capacity: up to 600 l/min at up to 250 bar
■ pneumatic pressure regulating valve,
■ Pressure speed control
■ Power from auxiliary drive of the chassis or via separate engine

High pressure system
■ Large high pressure rinsing reel with continuous hydraulic drive in both directions;
■ Large high pressure rinsing reel fixed or swivelling built on closure base or on trailer, partially telescopic
■ Large high pressure rinsing reel designed for DN 19, DN 25, DN 32, DN 38 HP hose, up to 360 m, in special models also up to 500 m
■ Small high pressure rinsing reel operated hydraulically or manually, designed for 40 to 120 m DN 13 HP hose

■ Toolboxes or hose boxes on left and right side, made from aluminium or stainless steel sheets
■ Additional toolbox
■ High-pressure/sewer rinsing hoses
■ Water level warning system
■ Residual water emptying system
■ Spraying gun/Wash lance
■ Radio remote control
■ Halogen working lights
■ Air compressor
■ Central controls in stainless steel housing
■ etc.

■ Hydraulic winch
■ Reversing camera system
■ Metering system
■ Heated wardrobe
■ Full cladding
■ Hand washing system with cold water or cold/warm water
■ Winter heating
■ Anti aerosol
■ Nozzle set
■ etc.

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