Flexible Packers

  • High flexibility
  • Adjustable carriage with resilience
  • Skid- shaped carriage allows sliding even over offsets

The adaptable solution.
Vetter flexible packers are the flexible solution for drain reconstruction. They
are made of a rubber sleeve that is vulcanised onto metal heads. The interior
tube lets the water flow off during the repair work. The open safety coupling with
a lock pin prevents unwanted decoupling. The flexible construction means it is
easy to conduct the packer through a manhole and install it in the damaged
The carriage has a slight spring action and can be flexibly adjusted to match the
pipe diameter. On top of that, the runner- shaped carriage facilitates smooth
sliding, even over offsets. The wheels are set at a 120° angle, which ensures
easy packer penetration.
The Vetter flexible packers are available in 4 sizes for pipe diameters from 150 –
600 mm (6 – 24 inch) and lengths up to 4 m (13.1 ft.).

Technical data

  • Standard through- flow openings of 2″.

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