UV 12000

UV 12000

Cable reel

  • for 200 m/656 ft curing cable (max. 230 m/755 ft cable length
  • stainless steel chassis
  • cable reel speed 0.055-4.0 m/min, controllable via PLC/PC
  • extension arm with deflection roller to ensure minimum bending
    radius of the cable
  • emergency operation via hand crank in case of power failure
  • tensile force measurement

Curing cable

  • hybrid cable assembled with plugs at both ends
  • temperature resistant cable up to 150 °C/302 °F

Power supply

  • central supply point according to VDE  

UVA-ignition system (switching cabinet)

  • ignition control and protection of load circuit for 12 bulbs  

Control unit

  • industrial control with 22″ touch panel, incl. required wiring and
    interface for connection to the curing system
  • software, machine control, measurement data acquisition and
  • software for system control and recording of all relevant quality
  • software to read out data with an external PC (Windows)

Light source from DN 150/6″

  • Light source chain for 8 UVA lamps
  • Navigation of 90° bends at bend radius ≥ 3 x DN, core diameter
    82 mm
  • 8 pcs UVA lamps 400 Watt, type: IMS Pipe Technology

Light source 8 x 1000 W 

  • 4 trolleys for 2 UVA lamps (1000 W) each, with spring-mounted
  • 8 UVA lamps 1000 W

Temperature resistant color camera in aluminum housing
Basic end can set (DN 150-600/6″-24″)
Deflection rollers set for curing cable
Ratchet straps and pull-in belts

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