Twister Nozzle

Twister Nozzle

The Twister rotary sewer nozzle is designed for cleaning 6″ to 24″ sewer and storm-water pipelines. The Twister nozzle is operated by water coming from a pressurized hose and comprises of three components. The drive contains four propulsion jets, is constructed of stainless steel and requires no lubrication. The drive also features a unique magnetically controlled rotation. The stainless steel cleaning head includes six high performance ceramic inserts, two of which are in the front for opening blockages. The nozzle is equipped with a rugged, adjustable guide skid. The Twister nozzle is designed to operate in the toughest conditions such as grease, scaling, roots and tuberculation.


• Unrivaled performance, high efficiency
• It can be used with recycled and potable water.
• Low maintenance, no lubrication required

Applications: Grease, scaling, roots and tuberculation

Technical Specifications:

• Replaceable threaded ceramic nozzle inserts
• Stainless steel body and cleaning head
• Rear jets incidence 30°
• Rotor jets incidence 45°
• ¾”-1 ¼” hose connection
• Min. 50 GPM @ ¾”
• Max. 120 GPM @ 1 ¼”

Category: Sprayers

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