Areas of application

■ Cesspit emptying
■ Landfill water disposal
■ Portable toilet emptying
■ Transporting waste water
■ Cleaning gullies
■ Cleaning oil, fuel and grease separator/filter
■ Transporting hazardous materials (with optional ADR equipment)
■ hydrodynamic pipe cleaning (with optional fitting of high-pressure rinsing system)


■ Discharge by free flow
■ Discharge by pressurisation of vacuum pump
■ Discharge by draining piston (pneumatic or drag piston)
■ Discharge by rear tipping
■ Multiple compartment system (optional)
■ Combined operation of suction and high-pressure rinsing (optional)
■ fixed water compartment or variable water compartment

Trailer underbody
■ Cantilever or with separate trailer underbody
■ 2 axle or 3 axle unit (BPW, SAF, DamlerChrysler etc.)
■ Air or spring suspension
■ Drum or disk brakes
■ Tow bar
■ With air suspension: optional raising and lowering


■ Sludge compartment size: on customer request
■ up to 20000 litre air volume
■ Sludge compartment format: cylindrical
■ Material: Steel or stainless steel
■ With manhole or fully opening closure hatch
■ Water compartment (optional) up to 5000 litre air volume, steel or stainless steel prefabricated in tank, in piston entrance or as water bags on the side
■ Contents level display via floating display with scale

Rear tank opening

■ to be opened as manhole as cleaning opening on lower tank edge or as closure hatch over the full cross-section
■ Torispherical head
■ Material: Steel or stainless steel
■ Closure hatch can be opened hydraulically upwards or by hand to the side
■ Central locking closure hatch can be operated pneumatically or by hand

Vacuum system

■ none, operation via towing vehicle (suction pressure connection line)
■ optionally with vacuum pump, hydraulic power from towing vehicle or via a self-contained engine

High pressure system (optional)
■ none
■ optionally with high-pressure pump, hydraulically power from towing vehicle or via separate engine
■ High-pressure pump from 30-130 l/min rinsing capacity up to 200 bar pressure (e.g.: Speck; URACA, Pratissoli etc.)
■ Small high-pressure rinsing reel operated hydraulically or by hand, designed for 60 m HP DN 13 hose, optionally up to 120 m
■ Contents level indicator via inspection glass

■ Lower suction connector (optional: upper suction connector)
■ Discharge apron
■ Toolboxes or hose boxes on left and right side, made from aluminium or sheets of stainless steel
■ Optional full cladding of aluminium or sheets of stainless steel, with upward opening flaps for the vacuum system under the seat
■ Additional toolbox
■ Water level warning system
■ Residual water emptying system
■ Spraying gun/Wash lance
■ High-pressure/Sewer rinsing hoses
■ Refuse box
■ Halogen working lights
■ Central controls in stainless steel housing
■ Vice

■ Equipped to transport dangerous goods (ADR) Classes 3, 5.1, 6.1. 8 and 9
■ Manhole with ladder and stand
■ Radio remote control
■ Reversing camera system
■ Hydraulic winch
■ Hand washing system with cold water or cold/warm water
■ Heated wardrobe
■ Full cladding
■ Billboards
■ Accessories
■ Nozzle set
■ etc.

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