IMS Micro Check

IMS Micro Check


Your advantages at one glance

• punctual pressure test, within one position (for example leaky pipe couplings, radial cracks etc.), in combination with IMS cutter MICRO comfort/automatic and MICRO premium
• large range of application in pipes from DN 80 150/3”-6” without rebuilding
• small outside diameter of 78 mm/3”
• precise control (light, camera, pipe plugs, filling test space) by the control unit of the IMS cutter MICRO comfort/automatic and MICRO premium
• only smallest access openings required
• one front camera with LED, one camera in the test space for exact positioning
• pipe plugs individually controllable
• adaptable to every standard pressure testing device
• waterproofed device with 0,8 bar nitrogen filling
• damage prevention by automatic monitoring of internal pressure with signaling
• flexibility in bends up to 90° from DN 100/4” (clay, no folds, or similar)
• length: 800 mm/2,6 ft

Internal pressure monitoring:

• Nitrogen refilling equipment essentially required for internal pressure monitoring.

The MICRO check is the ideal completion to an existing house service connection cutter MICRO comfort/automatic or MICRO premium. It is very easy to adapt the MICRO check to the existing system. The device
is ready to use in a few minutes. Simply unscrew the cutter drive, mount the MICRO check for that and connect the system with a quick-coupling to any standard pressure tester.
Because of the small outside diameter, the device requires only smallest access openings into the pipeline network, for example cleaning cuts/ports.

The large range of application from DN 80 up to DN 150/3” up to 6”
allows tightness tests (for example pipe couplings, radial cracks etc.) in ground pipes, house service connections as well as in house installations. The extremely flexibility in bends up to 90° in DN 100/4” enables the operation also in very difficult pipe situations.

The MICRO check has two color camera with LED lighting.
The front camera is used for observation during the insertion process and for localisation of the pipe section which has to be checked. The second camera is located directly in the test space of the system and secures an
exact positioning at the pipe section which has to be checked.

Furthermore, the device has two separately controllable pipe plugs. The MICRO check is waterproof, filled with nitrogen and has an automatic internal pressure monitoring.
The test procedure itself is carried out by the control unit of the existing system. The display or recording of the test result is carried out by a connected pressure tester.

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