DRIVE light

DRIVE light


  • very robust, flexible cutting robot with outside diameter of 125 mm/5“ for small pipes and sewers
  • special crawler design allows insertion into smallest access openings (cleaning cuts/ports) and ensures a flexibility in bends of 45° in DN 150/6“ and 67° in DN 200 – 400/8“ – 16“
  • powerful air-operated cutting motor
  • precise operation by cable remote control with joystick for cutting arm swivelling and turning
  • toggle switches for pressure rail, water cleaning and cutter motor
  • potentiometer for light control and turning speed of the cable drum (only activated in combination with the option 030 11 600 „automatic reeling“)
  • control unit DRIVE light with case optional available
  • cable remote control and cable drum also usable together with item number 030 07 100 IMS cutter DRIVE
  • perfect control of operation due to integrated color camera with LED lighting, permanent camera
  • cleaning by air and optional switchable water flushing
  • damage prevention through permanent monitoring of internal pressure with signaling
  • comfortable supply hose package of 100 m/164 ft or 150 m/492 ft on cable drum
  • optionally available with manual reeling, manual reeling with hand crank (optional) or automatic reeling (optional)
  • camera cleaning with air and optional with water
  • connectable to all common TV crawler with appropriate shear force, or manual Insertion by pushing or pulling
  • optional with meter counting incl. data loading
  • also usable together with inspection head MICRO cam
Category: Robotic Cutting

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