Toilet AugersGrappler HookSewer TapePower Spin with AUTOFEED®Kwik-Spin® Hand Spinner with AUTOFEED®

Toilet Augers

High quality tools in 3′ (1 m) and 6′ (2 m) and lengths provide fast and safe clearing of
toilet obstructions. Features include:
• Vinyl guard to protect porcelain.
• New durable, kink-resistant, 1⁄2″ (12,7 mm) compression-wrapped Inner Core Cable.

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Grappler Hook

Model K-5 Grappler Hook
• Retrieves rocks, tools, objects.
• Extends your reach 6′ (2 m) for even the deepest traps.

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Sewer Tape

One-Piece Flat Sewer Tape
• Sizes and lengths for use on sewer and drain lines through 8″ (200 mm) in diameter
and up to 100′ (30,4 m) in length.
• Carrier included with all except 25′ (7,6 m) model.
• All models have a hand...

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Power Spin with AUTOFEED®

• Clears up to 11⁄2″ (40 mm) lines.
• Pull trigger and turn handle, or add any variable speed (left / right) chuck drill machine for
extra power.
• Cable self-feeds down drain.
• No mess. Hands don’t touch cable.
• Equipped with...

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Kwik-Spin® Hand Spinner with AUTOFEED®

• Light-duty product for drains up to 11⁄2″ (40 mm).
• Comfortable hand grip eases effort.
• Equipped with 1⁄4″ x 25″ (6,3 mm x 7,6 m) Maxcore cable with straight auger.
• Two-way AUTOFEED® keeps hands and work area clean.

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