WinCan Version 8 Office

WinCan Version 8 – the Professional Pipe Inspection Software

WinCan Version 8 is the basic platform of the whole WinCan product family. It contains the core functions for the collection of pipe inspection data. The data is inserted into a database and can be given to the client as an inspection report with a graphical display of the pipe and its defects. WinCan Version 8 contains in 2 different packages: The Mobile Package and the Office Package.

WinCan Version 8 Office – For the Management of Inspection Data

The WinCan Office package includes all functionality for the management and validation of pipe inspection data in the office. The data can be exported into different data formats (e.g PACP or WRC). WinCan also supports the import of iPEK Agilios and Rovion and Minicam SoloPro data. The user can choose in a big variety of inspection reports that deliver a clear overview over the condition of the waste water assets.

The WinCan Office Package contains all functions to manage data in the office after the field inspection was done. The big difference to the Mobile Package are the functions to create flexible reports and the filtering in big data bases.

Advantages of WinCan:

WinCan is working with all major camera manufacturers

WinCan is independent from any camera manufacturer and therefore capable of managing the data of different camera models. If you are using cameras from different manufacturers or if you want to switch from one manufacturer to another you can still use the same software.

Multi language capability

Another major advantage of WinCan is the multi-language capability of WinCan. Especially for manufacturers who deliver their camera robots globally this is a major advantage as their system will work out of the box without translating the software or the need for the integration of a new inspection standard.

Detailed functions:


Is compatible with all major camera manufacturer yet it is independent
supports the SideScan technology (like IBAK Panoramo, iPEK DigiSewer or Rico RPP)
supports multiple inspections
the user interface is configurable
compresses the video in high quality video formats like MPEG 1/2/4, DivX oder Microsoft formats (with the add-on module MPEG 1/2/4)
attaches additional documents like PDFs or Word documents
supports a lot of interfaces with GIS systems like ArcGIS or Intergraph
delivers professional looking reports with integrated pipe graphs and statistics
is working with Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle Databases and MS Access
includes functions to sort and filter in bigger data bases
distributes the inspection data with a free viewer software that does not need to be installed
contains features like combine abandoned sections, colorize damage classifications, short keys for observation entry, …..

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