Turbo IV Flexible Chain Cutter

This innovative, highly reliable and efficient product is made of tempered stainless steel and offers superior drive and thrust efficiency. The chain retainer is driven by a high performance turbine thus achieving unsurpassed results in the removal of roots, grease and mineral deposits from 15″ – 36″ sewer lines. The chains are not rigid, and do not damage the pipes in any way. Off sets? No problem with continuously adjustable guide skid!

• Low maintenance (lubrication is not necessary)
• Easy and fast changeable chain retainers
• Low operating costs, inexpensive replacement chains 
• Continuously adjustable guide skids 15″ – 36″ sewer lines
• Threaded ceramic nozzle inserts
• For use with difficult pipes (off-sets, drop-joints etc.)
• Usable with recycled water

For removing extensive root growth and total blockage|For removing obstructions, such as calcium, grease, scale and crust

Technical Specs:
• Turbo IV with easy and fast adjustable guide skid 15″ – 36″ sewer lines
• Stainless steel construction

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