Test system for domestic pipe network

  • For water pressure & compressed air testing
  • Ideal bending characteristics
  • Rounded tips
  • Spherical head for easy bag return

For sealing tests according to DIN EN 1610.

Blocking as well as the test procedure are carried out exclusively from the
inspection shaft. Using an inflation hose and a feed hose, the sealing bag is
pushed in until it reaches the mouth of the main sewage channel. The test
sealing bag is positioned so that it is just in front of the inspection shaft.
The special short design of the pipe sealing bag as well as the rounded “tip”
increase the bending characteristics. In addition to this, the other end of the
sealing bag is fitted with a spherical head which enables an effortless return of
the bag via a sleeve offset.

Standard test counter- pressure of 5 m WC (7.25 psi).
* Can be supplied with 6” or 8”duct if required.


  • Compressed air testing
  • Water pressure testing



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