T804 Camera System

Troglotech introduce the new Trogloprobe Entry Level Inspection System as the ultimate in ruggedness, reliability and ease of operation. The simple, uncluttered appearance belies the features included or available such as integral solid-state video recording, full function text writer with meterage display, six-hour lightweight battery pack and mini-mainline ready controller. Coupled with Troglotech’s well proven T800 Troglocam and flexible configuration possibilities, Trogloprobe offers both a solid entry-level inspection product with extensive potential for expansion.


Features and benefits

  • Fast set-up. Flip up display, turn on and use.
  • Light weight, base system only 17kg
  • Flexible configuration. Can be reconfigured in seconds for flat or upright operation.
  • CAD optimised design for minimum weight and maximum ruggedness.
  • Low voltage or Power-Cell operation for maximum site safety and convenience.
  • High quality aluminium housings machined from solid and sealed to IP67.
  • Extensive future upgrade path up to minimainline level
  • Well proven camera design
  • Complete system is fully waterproof to IP67 allowing operation in all weathers
  • Optional integral Digital Video Recording to CF card in universal MPEG4 format.
  • Simple “VCR” style recording controls with “one touch” record and play.
  • Fully compatible with Wincan reporting software.
  • The Trogloprobe is a Wincan approved system.

T804 System Options

Base System Comprises:-

  • Coiler with 60m of pushrod
  • T804 Display unit
  • High capacity battery pack
  • Meterage counter
  • 12v DC power lead
  • T804 Self levelling camera
  • 100 & 150mm Brush skid set
  • Available upgrades:-
  • T804 Keyboard/Textwriter
  • Integral Digital Video Recorder
  • Standalone CF to DVD burner
  • Inline sonde

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