SeekTech® Utility Line Locators

The mapping display confirms a good locate signal and identifies distortion in congested areas using:
• Target-Line – Guides the operator down the line and shows changes in direction.
• Left-Right Guidance Arrows – Points the operator to the target utility.
• Proximity Signal and Signal Strength – Helps the operator center the locator closer to the target for more confident locates.
Other Features
• Continual Depth – Increases productivity by showing depth changes in real-time.
• Omni-Seek® – Increases accuracy and efficiency when searching in passive mode. Continuously searches passive power and
radio bands to locate and avoid unknown metallic lines.
• User-Defined frequencies – RIDGID SeekTech receivers can be configured with up to 30 user-defined frequencies.
– SeekTech SR-60 locator can be set to any frequency between 10 Hz and 93.000 Hz making it a universal receiver.
– SeekTech SR-20 locator can be set to any frequency between 10 Hz and 35.000 Hz.

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