ROJET Comfort 100 – 200


■ water-cooled diesel engine, 4 cylinder, 42 kW
■ electric start, 12 V starter battery (36Ah)
■ automatic speed regulation
HP pump:
■ 3 plunger pump
■ max. water capacity 100 l/min. max. 200 bar pressure
Water tank:
■ 800 litre air volume contents, made from plastic
HP reel:
■ manual drive, with swivel joint, with 80 m DN 16 filling hose
Filling reel:
■ Can swivel by 90°, with intermediate locking, manual drive, with swivel joint, with 50 m DN19 HP hose
■ Fully galvanised frame, water level display, C connector, safety valve, water filter, manometer
■ pressure switch cock, frost protection intake, 1 piece 1/2″ standard nozzle
Fittings cabinet:
■ with engine control lights, ignition switch, operating hours counter, fuel display
■ Diesel cut-out warning system, water level warning system
LxWxH = 1700 x 1240 x 1300 mm
■ Unladen weight approx. 760 kg
■ HP reel with hydraulic drive
■ Filling reel with hydraulic drive
■ Water tank 400/800/1000/1600/2000 etc. litre
■ automatic fill stop
■ Cable remote control
■ Radio remote control
■ Aluminium corrugated floors
■ Undercarriage
■ etc.
■ mobile hose reel,
■ Pulleys,
■ Nozzles,
■ Spray guns
■ Suction injector
■ etc.


■ highest quality and long lifetime through serial production and use of high-quality components
■ adequately dimensioned pumps and drive engine, thereby no exceeding of the performance guidelines possible
■ free vehicle selection, as can be built in to any suitable new or used vehicle or trailer
■ can be adapted to any vehicle due to modular build
■ no vehicle or auxiliary drive necessary, thus independence from vehicle engine
■ low maintenance costs through own drive unit and clear guarantee demarcation between device and chassis manufacturer
■ fully galvanised frame
■ Speed limitation, so no over-revving of the HP pump
■ built-in pressure switch valve, thus allowing work with wash lance/spray gun
■ extensive accessories available

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