Radial Cleaning Nozzle – 3D

This high performance nozzle is perfect for removing hard grease and scale that may be encrusted on the interior wall of the pipe. The fan jets clean the pipe interior all around, while the propulsion nozzle inserts provide superior transportation of obstructions to the manhole.

• Streak free cleaning
• All around pipe coverage
• Capable of being used with recycled water
• Reduced water consumption
• Reduced operating costs

Excellent for grease(encrusted), scale, sand and silt

Technical Specs:
• Advanced Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics™ 
• Replaceable threaded ceramic nozzle inserts
• Replaceable threaded steel fan jets
• Tempered stainless steel construction
• Rear jet incidence @ 15°
• Rear fan jet incidence @ 45°
• 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ hose connection
• Min. 40gpm @ 3/4″ – Max. 120gpm @ 1 1/4″

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