Pinch Rollers

USE: Aid the resin absorption and motion through the felt liner during the impregnation process.
CAPABILITIES: Up to 300mm liners

Each roller has its own merits and is easy to use. The floor mounted rollers have been designed to make them non-slip. Other than the nip rollers all of our pinch rollers are designed to accommodate 100mm to 300mm liner. Roller beds can be attached to the premium rollers and one set of legs fold away for storage and transportation. The KrasoWalk 300 is uniquly designed to fold into a suitcase, making it easy to carry and transport. It can also come mounted to a stand. There is a scale on the side of the rollers, allowing precise operation.

  • Nip Rollers: 100 – 150mm liners
  • Floor mounted: 100 – 300mm liner
  • Standard with stand: 100 – 300mm liners
  • Premium with stand: 100 – 300mm liners
  • Kraso Walk 300: 100 – 300mm liners

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