Mini Pipe Sealing Bags

  • extremely short design
  • extremely expandable
  • up to 1 bar (14.5 psi) counterpressure
  • easy handling

The small flexible.
Mini pipe sealing bags are especially suited for sealing domestic pipe systems
due to their short design. In addition to this they can be used when flexibility and
curve mobility is required, e.g. in the heating and sanitary sector as well as with
testing oil and petrol strainers according to DIN 1999 T 100.

Technical data

  • Standard test counter- pressure of 10 m WC (14.5 psi).

Owing to an increase in demand, all pipe and test sealing bags will be fitted with
brass couplings as a standard from 01.01.2012 onwards. If you still wish to
have the safety couplings (blue at 1.5 bar, black at 2.5 bar), we kindly ask you
to state this explicitlywhen placing an order.


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