Lateral Packers

  • High flexibility
  • Replaceable spherical heads
  • Very good bending characteristics
  • Increased slipping qualities

The intelligent solution that saves money.
Vetter lateral packers are the ideal solution for pipes with small diameters,
especially pipelines in the building lateral area. The flexible construction
ensures good slipping qualities, bending characteristics and handling. That
facilitates quick application, reducing your working hours. The open safety
coupling with a lock pin prevents unwanted decoupling. The spherical heads
are mounted on the packers and are not vulcanised in. That makes them
replaceable and reusable. That in turn provides you with benefits in handling,
saves resources and on top of that saves you money.
The lateral packers are available in 3 sizes from 80 – 200 mm (3.1 – 8 inch) and
lengths up to 4 m (13.2 ft.).


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