IBAK T66 Camera Tractor

IBAK T66 is a versatile camera tractor for the inspection of pipes from DN 100 upwards. It can either be used as a portable inspection system or for extending an existing camera tractor system. Different camera connections, wheel sets and a camera tractor attachment make it possible to configure T 66 for different require- ments in an optimal way. It is equipped with the modular IBAK cam- era connection so that all IBAK cameras can be operated with T 66. Even in connection with the two larger zoom cameras like ORPHEUS or ARGUS 5, a high stability and traction is achieved. In narrow spaces T 66 copes in combination with the camera con- nection CC1 that can be panned and folded. Because the folding connector for the camera cable can also be moved horizontally and vertically, the camera tractor can be easily inserted into any pipe from DN 100 upwards, also through compact manholes as well as maintenance openings. In larger pipes the use of an additional light is recommended. Even larger pipe diameters are easily mastered by T 66, if equipped with the tractor attachment FW 66. The use of FW 66 is recommended for DN 300 upwards and is easily mounted.

T 66 contains an electronic stabilisation function (ATC = Automatic Tilt Compensation). This function ensures active overturn protection and lets the tractor drive safely in the pipe invert. Because of the modular design of T 66 and the use of only one tool for the conversion of individual components, there are short set-up times for the pipe adaptations which allows for efficient working.

Full performance with a portable system Combined with the IBAK pan and rotate camera ORION, the cable reel  KT 180 and the control box BK 3.5.1, the camera tractor T 66 is a powerful, compact, portable inspection system.

Extension of an existing tractor system The power spectrum of the existing IBAK tractor systems is extended with the addition of the camera tractor T 66 as the T 66 makes pipe inspections from DN 100 upwards possible.


1. T 66 with CC2 and ORION

2. T  66 with CC3, ORION, tractor attachment FW 66,  additional light ZSW 65 and pneumatic tyres

3. T 66 with CC2, ORION and granulated wheels

4. T 66 with CC2, ORION and profiled wheels

5. T  66 with CC4, ORION, additional light ZSW 65  and additional weight

6. T  66 with CC4, ORION, additional light ZSW 65 and tractor attachment FW 66

7. T  66 with CC2, ARGUS 5 and tractor attachment FW 66

8. T 66 with CC1, ORION and mixed tyres

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