IBAK Retrus

IBAK RETRUS is a back-eye camera which can be used on almost all IBAK camera tractors. In many situations the RETRUS provides for greater convenience and safety during reversing. Problematic areas detected during forward travel, such as protruding obstructions, damages and offsets are remembered during reversing, so that the inspector can react accordingly and prevent damage to the system. An optimised synchronisation between IBAK cable winches and IBAK camera tractors guarantees a maximum range at constant speed and a fast automated reversing. However, there are situations where controlling the reverse procedure with a back-eye camera is recommended. For example, if a steerable tractor is in a rectangular profile, RETRUS facilitates the reversing procedure for the inspector; a col- lision of camera tractor and pipe wall is avoided with the back-eye option. RETRUS also offers invaluable advantages when it comes to reversing with a disconnected winch (synchronisation switched off). The danger of running over the camera cable with camera tractor is minimised with the back-eye camera.



1) LCD indicator and acoustic alarm in the control unit

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