IBAK MiniLite

The IBAK MiniLite is a compact push camera system for the inspec- tion of house and property drainage systems. It combines extreme stability with easy handling and is easy to operate after a short train- ing period. For use in pipes with smaller diameters the MiniLite is equipped with a 30 m long push rod (Magic Push Rod) with 12 mm diame- ter and the bend-capable IBAK HYDRUS firmly attached to the push rod. For longer distances there is an exchange basket with a stable 15 mm push rod which can be equipped with different camera heads (pluggable HYDRUS, JUNO, ORION, ORION L). When used in conjunction with an ORION 2.5 or 2.7,  a diameter measurement can be performed automatically with one button push. This option can be ordered when purchasing a new MiniLite. A ret- rofit is also possible. The large 10.4″ display of the MiniLite provides an excellent image with all camera versions. If the MiniLite is operated with the ORION or the steerable ORION L, the rotating head with integrated location transmitter is controlled via the keys on the control unit. The insertion of text or the storage of image or video data onto a SD card is easy. The membrane keyboard is particularly large, so that data can also be entered when wearing gloves. Furthermore, the entire surface of the control panel is splash-proof and easy to clean.

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