IBAK JUNO is a versatile axial view camera for inspections of pipes from DN 100 upwards. Thanks to the UPC function (Upright Picture Control), an upright image is provided. The inte- grated high-performance LEDs allow optimum illumination and the best view during inspec- tion. The location transmitter determines the position of the camera quickly and conveniently and also localises identified damaged areas; the transmitter can be switched off so errone- ous findings due to the reception of external signals are avoided. The internal pressure moni- toring ensures safe operation of the camera system. JUNO can be used during push operations with IBAK coilers HSP 40 and 60, with the push rods of IBAK LISY (KT220 / LISY Synchron winch) as well as with the compact push camera systems MiniLite and MobiLite. During tractor operation JUNO can be used with all IBAK camera tractors. Furthermore, JUNO forms a powerful unit with the IBAK laser profiler due to its large aper- ture angle. This combination also facilitates deformation and corrosion measurements as well as diameter measurements in large pipes.

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