IBAK Hydrus

The IBAK HYDRUS is a small inspection camera with bending-capac- ities for push operations. It is available in two versions: as a complete system with cable reel and as a pluggable version. With low diam- eter, both models are ideal for use in supply pipes within a building; with the Hydrus complete system inspections are possible as from DN 50 upwards, with the pluggable version inspections are possible as from DN 70 upwards. Thanks to its flexibility the HYDRUS can be easily pushed through various bends consecutively; the integrated and controllable LED lighting illuminates the area of inspection in an optimal way.

IBAK HYDRUS 1 Complete system with MiniLite, MobiLite or HSP 40/60 The compact complete system from IBAK includes the HYDRUS 1, firmly mounted onto the push camera systems MiniLite and MobiLite or onto the cable reel HSP 40 / 60 that holds 30 metres of “Magic Push Rod”. This is a guide hose containing both the camera cable and the push rod. Its flexibility is ideally adjusted to its operation nominal diameter from DN 50 upwards.

IBAK HYDRUS 2 Pluggable push camera The pluggable HYDRUS 2 fits onto the compact push camera sys- tems MiniLite and MobiLite or onto the IBAK cable reels HSP 40 and HSP 60 that hold up to 60 metres of “Magic Push Rod”. The strength and flexibility of the push rod are optimised for the deployment range from DN 70 upwards. HYDRUS 2 completes the modular diversity of IBAK camera systems for use in areas with small pipe diameters. HYDRUS 2 has the same plug connection as IBAK JUNO, ORION and ORION L so that existing IBAK systems can be optimally com- plemented.


1. I BAK HYDRUS 2 with guide device for DN 100

2. I BAK HYDRUS, LED lighting and screwable protective housing

3. IBAK HYDRUS 1 on the MiniLite




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