IBAK BS 3.5 / BS 7

IBAK BS 3.5 and BS 7 are operating systems for IBAK inspection systems for fixed installation in an inspection vehicle. This central control and operating unit consists of an ergonomically designed control panel, a 19″ rack and a keyboard. All current IBAK tractors, winches and cameras can be operated with it, the connected components are automatically identified by the sys- tem. The BS 7 copes with cable lengths up to 500 m and controls all IBAK PANORAMO systems. The tractor and the camera are operated in a user-friendly man- ner with both joysticks. It is also possible to stipulate which joystick is to be responsible for the operation of individual components, by means of a preset implemented via the integrated touch-screen in the control panel.

The touch-screen also offers the user numerous other possibilities, such as an information menu where all assembled components and components identified by the system are displayed on a colour dis- play. In addition, various features can be controlled, such as light intensity, different functions of the camera and the tractor as well as further system-relevant options. Damage descriptions, symbols or comments entered via the key- board can be overlaid with the integrated data display generator into the video image. Furthermore, the connection of video recording devices is also possible. Spoken comments can be recorded using the integrated microphone in the control panel; the audio output enables saving of these voice-overs synchronously to the inspection video.

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