IBAK BK 3.5.1

The control box IBAK BK 3.5.1 is easily transported in the box hous- ing thanks to its compact design. Installed into an inspection vehicle as well as a portable unit, BK 3.5.1 facilitates the operation of IBAK inspection systems. All functions of the camera tractor and the camera can be control- led and operated with the two joysticks, the control buttons and the integrated keyboard. At the same time, the operating status of the individual system components is clearly indicated on a 5.7″ colour display. The actual inspection is monitored from a 12″ TFT colour monitor with excellent picture reproduction, which is installed in the lid to ensure user-friendliness. In addition, texts and symbols can be over- laid on the video picture via the keyboard and an integrated data dis- play generator. Optionally, the BK 3.5.1 control box can also be equipped with a PC module. This makes it IKAS 32 capable and permits a complete analysis of the condition of the inspected sewer on-site (please refer to the IKAS 32 brochure for functions and data interfaces).

For clear menu guidance, the IKAS 32 BK edition software includes a specially optimised analysis assistant, which enables the parallel display of the video image and software dialogues on the screen. The video images can be digitised in MPEG format. Furthermore, an external mouse can be connected to the PC module and data trans- fer is also possible via the USB port or a network interface (LAN). The video data in MPEG 4 format can be transferred to a memory card (Accessory SD-Option) without using your existing (or with a switched off) PC. The firmware update can be carried out by the user with the aid of a standard SD card.

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