Down The Branch Cutter

MATERIAL: Steel bodied
USE: Air tool for cutting out 75mm to 150mm laterals from the branch side.

This small but extremely powerful cutter, locates the exact position of any junction by cutting through the liner from the branch side. The cutter quickly and easily opens up a hole in the liner in exactly the right position.

Depending on the access, this tool can either totally re-open the connection giving a perfect finish or if access is very tight it can simply open a small hole. This will allow a lateral cutter to re-visit at a later time and fully open the connection. Both sizes of the DTB can also be used to root cut, using a high tensile wire cup brush.

5:1 Motor – up to 65º bends
The 5:1 ratio motor is the most powerful, offering higher torque but slightly less revs.

3:1 Motor – up to 90º bends
The 3:1 ratio version is slightly smaller making it more maneuverable. The 3:1 offers high revs but slightly less torque than the more powerful 5:1 motor.

DTB cutters include

  • 100mm and 150mm skid setup
  • Short flexible airline
  • 10m telecom rods
  • Small 3/8 inch adaptor
  • M14 thread adaptor
  • 70mm wire cup brush
  • 50mm carbide cone or dome
  • Tool Kit for maintenance and adjustment.

We have an extensive range of accessories to enhance the tools usability.

Down the Branch Cutter

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