Calibration Hose

MATERIAL: Nylon reinforced PVC film

Calibration hose is generally used to inflate drag in liners once they have been pulled into place. It also enables inversion liners to be installed from a single access point to a blind end.

Calibration hose is available in various guises to suit even the most demanding of applications from small diameter ambient liners, to hot cure longer length applications.

Seam types:

  • Superlight, blue: High frequency weld – Ambient Cure Only
  • Medium Duty, orange: Stitched and welded – Suitable for Hot Cure upto 80°C
  • Heavy Duty, navy: High frequency weld – Ambient and Warm Cure upto 50°C
  • Heavy Duty, white: Stitched and welded – Hot Cure up to 90°C

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